6. Database

SSiRC will implement and maintain a wiki-website featuring a comprehensive collection of links to available laboratory measurements, in-situ and remote data sets from ground-based, aircraft, balloon and satellite platforms and possibly representative model output. These data sets will build the basis for detailed process-studies and climate model validation within the framework of SSiRC. The most important parameters that the data base will include are:

Trace gases: Sulfur-gases SO2, H2SO4, OCS, DMS
Air mass and age-of-air tracers CO, HCN, SF6, CO2, N2O, CH4, CFCs
Trace gases affecting chemical and microphysical processes H2O, OH, HO2, O3
Aerosol properties Microphysical properties Number densities and size distributions in all size ranges from several nanometers up to hundreds of microns
Chemical properties chemical composition
Optical and radiative properties aerosol optical depth, phase-information, back-scatter ratios, refractive indices

The data availability will be carefully assessed and data gaps identified. The data base will hopefully foster extensive data inter-comparisons. A close link will be established to the SPARC Data Initiative, which plans for a detailed trace gas and aerosol comparison in the UTLS to ensure data quality.

The wiki website should also aim at a comprehensive compilation of instrumental capabilities relevant in particular to WG1. The objective of this is to motivate the inclusion of additional instruments in ongoing and planned activities and to identify missing capacities needed in address SSiRC objectives.